7 Things


1. People who stand in the middle of the aisle causing a huge line and delay because of their need to place their luggage immediately. 

2. People who bring their tax free goods to life. In other words, drinks from a bottle of liquor. 

3. People who change the diaper of their baby in the seat next to you. 

4. People who are extremely allergic to nuts so you can't eat your snickers on board. 

5. People who fall a sleep before take off and wakes during landing. 

6. People who do gymnastics in the toilet area. 

7. People who are paranoid and think everyone is a terrorist. 


1. Visit the Red Beach early in the morning before the crowd gets there. 

2. Rent a scooter and explore the island spontaneously in your own pace. 

3. Watch the sunset while having dinner in Oia. 

4. Try a delicious vegan lunch box from Falafel land in Fira town. 

5. Convince tourists/people to use their own feet in stead of riding donkeys up the hill. 

6. Go cliff diving in Amoudi bay. 

7. Indulge in local food and wine: tzasiki, greek salad, gyros, gelato, fresh fruits and olives! 


1. Hydration: You always need something cold and fresh to drink! My go to is coconut water!

2. Suncreen: The most imporant thing, next to water is defintely a good sunscreen! 30+!

3. Snacks: Snacks is part of the fun! Nuts, watermelon, ice cream. Whatever makes it to your tummy!

4. Music: A good playlist with beach vibes is defintely a must! A small speaker is also a good idea if you are a group of friends.

5. Reading material: Books and magazines! I always bring plenty to the beach. My favorite place to read!

6. Beach towel: Either a towel or a beach cover-up that is comfy, big and dries quickly!

7. Camera: Dont forget to capture your memories, lazy days at the beach can turn out to anything!


1. Disse flotte fluebeins øyevippene vi alle får til hvis vi overdriver med ti lag med maskara!

2. Denne vakre brunkremsskillen som gjør at den i utgangspunktet "naturlige looken" blir enda mer maskete!

3. Dette håret som skulle tuperes så til de grader! Jeg fikk det dessverre ikke til like bra som de fleste venninnene mine, håret mitt var altfor glatt og flatt. (Tro meg, jeg prøvde!)

4. Så var det de øyenbrynene da som helst ikke skulle eksistere, det virket i hvert fall sånn ettersom de fleste nappet dem helt ned hvis ikke barberte dem med barberhøvel. Jeg var egentlig ganske fornøyd med mine buskete bryn, men bestevenninnene mine tok de i egne hender.

5. Det er vel bare å innrømme at det sminken ikke blir finere jo flere lag man legger. Å sminke seg i hvert friminutt gir et svært dårlig resultat på slutten av dagen.

6. Det er vel ikke bare jeg som var innom "Jeg er så søt når jeg maler snute og værhår i ansiktet som en katt" perioden?

7. Det er kanskje ingen "beauty mistake", men jeg kan ikke la være å legge til at å ha hårstrikker på pysjbuksekanten på skolen er noe av det kuleste jeg vet om!


1. You always wait for Friday, which I guess is pretty normal for any job. But if the weekend is all you think about every day at work, you obviously have the wrong job.

2. You are too focused on other peoples life, you want the life of other people in stead of your own!

3. You have stopped enjoying yourself. You dont remember what you like to do for fun anymore and you never make time for the things that make you happy.

4. You cant remember the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone. Which in my opinion is one of the most important things in life if you want to grow.

5. You want time to pass by quickly. Doesnt matter where you are at or what you are doing. You want time to fly, because you are waiting for something to happen.

6. Your actions dont align with your words. You say things you want to do, but you never bother to go do them!

7. You day dream more than you are present. Of course you are allowed to day dream, but remember where you are in life, your focus should be on today!


1. Babysit! We have all had one! Its a cosy and easy way to earn some extra money!

2. Use your talent! Maybe you know someone who is getting married or throwing a big party and need someone to sing/entertain or be the photographer for the night? Be creative you might be able to use your hidden talent to make some extra money.

3. If you are going away for the summer rent out your house or your room!

4. Sell your things! We all have plenty of stuff we dont need. Do a summer cleaning in your house and sell it online or what about a garage sale with friends?

5. Ask someone you know who is having a party if they need help! Maybe you could be the waiter, the driver, the bartender or the cook for the night?

6. You probably know someone who needs help with their lawn, grocery shopping, taking care of their plants or maybe walk their dog?

7. During summertime there will always be these jobs you can have for a week or two. Selling ice cream, help out at festivals, taking care of animals while their owners are on vacation, work in summer camps etc. Think about it, be creative!