7 Things


1. Clean my hard drives and makes sure all my photos are sorted in albums with dates and names. And of course take back up of everything as well as keeping the desktop on my computer neat and organised. 

2. Be better at booking flights and accommodation for my travels in advance so I dont have to pay more just because Im the spontaneous type. 

3. Stop over-thinking about what to post on social media and not, Im going to try to be more active and to show more of my everyday life! 

4. Read more books and watch more movies! 

5. Buy less stuff! I was actually very good at this in 2017 and will continue that path. (Unless its camera equipment or vintage goods). 

6. Think more green! Im usually pretty eco-friendly, but I will do more for the environment this year. I will continue with: bringing my own shopping bag to the grocery store, eat plant based, use organic and eco-friendly beauty products, pick up garbage at the beach/in the nature and buying vintage instead of new. 

7. Shoot more film and video! 


1. The Handmaids Tale: You have to watch this serie, because it will blow you away! Ok, well thats my opinion. But please give it a chance with an open mind. You won't regret it!

2. Big Little Lies: Another serie I recommend! If you like the one above you will like this too, and the other way around.

3. Go to the movies: Fall is my favourite season to go to the movies. This fall I want to see Mother, Thelma, Hva vil folk si and The Snowman (Snømannen). Popcorn is mandatory btw!

4. Friendsgiving: Thanksgiving with friends, a night filled with food, drinks, laughter and your favourite people. If your friends dont arrange it, you should!

5. Make your favourite soup: Im a soup kind of person, and fall is the best season for soup! I prefer butternut squash, carrot and ginger or sweet potato soup! I will share another recipe with you soon!

6. Spend time in the nature: Go camping, go on a hike, go on a roadtrip or go to your cabin in the woods. Nature is showing off guys, we need to show appreciation for the extremely beautiful colour these days!

7. Read more: Im in the reading mood these days and recently bought a couple of new books! Make a cup of chai latte, turn of your mobile data and open a good book! Thank me later!


1. Wake up early: Even though you might not be going anywhere, its very important to keep a certain routine.

2. Get dressed: This can be tricky if you feel like wearing a pyjamas because you know nobody is going to see you anyway. I recommend you to dress like someone is watching (wait, thats creepy), because you will automatically take yourself more seriously.

3. Have a place for work only: You might not have the biggest space at home, but what you should have is somewhere that is only for work. Not for sleeping, eating, cuddles, wine or whatever,

4. Dont let friends stop by: Even though you are at home, you cannot let someone interrupt your working hours because you are home. Take your working hours seriously and make playdates outside of those, same with doctors appointments etc.

5. Avoid the kitchen: Ok, this is the most difficult part. I feel like Im more by the fridge than by my computer, please tell me Im not the only one? Ok, so what to do? Bring a little tray of coffee, sparkling water, nuts and fruits to your table/desk and stay there!!!

6. When taking breaks: Taking breaks is as important at home as if you were working somewhere else, but remember to keep it at a minimum and go somewhere else during your breaks. Go for a walk outside, play with your dog outside, go for a swim (during summer ofc), go for a bike ride and buy a coffee on your way back. Just do something else.. outside!

7. One or two days a week: Mix up your work environment, I love taking my "office" to a cafe a couple of days a week. New surroundings makes me more focused and keeps me inspired. Make sure this is somewhere you might not bump into plenty of friends during the day, might not be very productive.


1. People chewing bubble gum.... (worst sound ever)

2. People who yawn with sound, I mean come on! You make up that sound you idiot.

3. When people whistle when you try to concentrate...

4. When you talk on the phone with someone who empties their dishwasher, wait a minute for Gods sake...

5. People who eat carrot like its the best cake they ever had, its a f**** carrot....

6. Listenting to people walking in flip flops..

7. When you can hear someones music through their headphones because its so loud it could be a concert....




1. Dont postpone things! DO IT IMMEDIATELY, the things we postpone are often something we don't bother doing, but something that we know we have to and need to do. If there is a meeting, a doctors appointment, a bill that has to be paid, anything, do it NOW! Get it out of your way!

2. Make short to-do lists, so you feel that you get to the bottom of your list everyday, I always make one for every day.

3. Buy yourself a new day planner, so you feel like you are starting from scratch and can make it neat and pretty!

4. Dont make overwhelming changes in your diet, its hard to go from wining and dining to green juice and oat meal. One step at a time, introduce healthy food and squeeze the unhealthy out, but don't stress about it. Make it natural.

5. Embrace the summer glow you got, don't wear too much make up, show of your tan, your healthy skin and your freckels.

6. Make a happy and motivating playlist that you will put on "first thing in the morning" and then prepare your coffee the night before. Thats how to make an early morning more pleasant, and dont forget scented candles!

7. Detox your surroundings, clean your house, your work desk, your laptop, your fridge, your closet or whatever. Give yourself the new, clean start you deserve!


1. STUFFED TOMATOES: A dish that is actually 100% vegan, Greek and delicious is the stuffed tomatoes and peppers! They only use olive oil, rice and tomatoes, sometimes peppers too.

2. GREEK SALAD: Just ask for the Greek salad with no feta! And if you want to spice it up a bit, stop by a supermarket and buy an avocado. You won't regret that!

3. HUMMUS: Yes, you will actually be able to find hummus at some Greek restaurants! Other places they have mashed pea spread as well.

4. BOILED SALAD: In Greece they call boiled cold vegetables for a salad. So don't be mistaken. But its actually really good, and you will most likely get the veggies that are in season. Which is great!

5.YIGANDES PLAKI: Big, white beans baked in tomato sauce, garlic and parsley. The perfect appetizer or side dish. 100 % vegan and homemade! Super delicious!

6.GRILLED VEGETABLES: Big (and more touristy) restaurants often serve a plate of grilled vegetables, where you will find zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers etc grilled with balsamic and olive oil. At smaller family owned restaurants you will most likely find each vegetable separate as smaller dishes.

7.BAKED POTATO: I stumbled upon baked potato a few places and didn't really know that, that was a thing in Greece. But it for sure is, which is perfect. There are so many delicious things you can fill a baked potato with. Ask whats available and don't be afraid to explain that you are vegan, they will understand.