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Hvis jeg skal være ærlig så har jeg egentlig aldri hatt følelser for London, jeg tenker som så at enten så er man en Londoner eller en New Yorker og jeg har vel mildt sagt kvalifisert meg til den sistenevnte. Men i det siste har jeg virkelig fått øynene opp for denne byen! Før føltes London stort og upersonlig, mens nå ser jeg sjarmen i hver krik og krok. Jeg er langt i fra en ekspert på denne byen, men vil uansett dele tipsene jeg har på lager, som flere av dere mest sannsynlig kommer til å få bruk for. 

To be honest, Ive never really been a London lover, I somehow think its like "you are either a Londoner or a New Yorker", and I guess Im a little over qualified for the last one. But, when thats said London has grown on me the last couple of years. I have really started liking this city, I used to think it was big and impersonal, but now Im falling in love with every corner, and will most likely be back soon. Im not an London expert, but I thought I would share some of my favourite things anyway! 

What to do?

Afternoon tea at Sketch is a must for everyone who has seen the "pink room" on Instagram! A tip here is to not have the afternoon tea in the pink room (72 GBP each), but in their pavilion (13 GBP each). Much cheaper and you will be able to take a look (and a photo) on your way to the bathroom. (Which btw is pretty different from any other bathroom you have been to before!

Have a drink at The Ned because this hotel is beautiful and has a very chic and 1920´s vibe to it! The Ned has 8 restaurants, so you will most likely find something you like. If your not in it to eat, stop by for a drink in the Millies Lounge. Read more about the hotel here

Tate Modern is the place to go for art lovers, the entrance is free unless you are there for a specific exhibition! Check out their website here before you go! 

Nothing Hill: Go for a stroll through Notting Hill for retro, vintage stores, coffee shops and antique flea markets. 


Where to eat?

So finding a place to eat in London is obviously not the problem, rather choosing the perfect spot if your just in town for a day or two. I always browse through Instagram to look for new hip places to dine. A tip is to search for the area under «places» and then scroll your way down and see if you spot any cool flat lay photos from cafes or local people who know where to eat.

Grind: A cool place to stop by for a coffee, laid back and chill. A place you would bring your computer and order an ice coffee or stop by for breakfast. On the menu you can find anything from gluten free porridge and acai bowls to french banana toast, freshly pressed green juice and almond croissants. 

Attendant: Healthy lunch spot in Shoreditch, their avocado toast and sweet potato mash is amazing! If you are dining with a friend, order one of each and split so you can taste both! 

Deliciously Ellas Deli: Definetely one of my favourite places to eat in London, Ella knows how to please a plant based and gluten free foodie! I absolutely love the banana bread, with coconut yoghurt and fruit compote. And I also heard that they now have kombucha on tap! I will be right back! Ps, they also have various locations! 

Farm Girl Cafe: This cafe is located in a cute little Instagram friendly back yard. On their menu you can find anything from avocado toasts and apple pancakes to matcha lattes and acai bowls! I have to recommend the butterfly latte! A purple coffee made with spirulina! So different, but yet so good! 

Granger & Co: A stylish and tasty restaurant with a few locations around town. I can recommend their poke bowl and their yellow curry, as well as their homemade passionfruit lemonade! Perfect spot for a late lunch or dinner.  

Wahaca: We randomly stopped by this place in Shoreditch for tacos! And Im very happy we did, because it might be up there by the best Mexican meals Ive ever had! They made everything vegan and gluten free so we had nachos, tacos and tostadas! Definitely worth a visit if you are a guac lover like myself! 


Where to stay?

The Hoxton Shoreditch

81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU, England.

Im always in search of the coolest places to stay and wouldn't mind staying at The Ned, but my wallet would. If you are looking for a hip, social and cool hotel The Hoxton in Shoreditch is your call. By social I mean that people hang around in the reception area even though the dont stay there, because of the restaurant, the fireplace, the cute coffee shop with delicious banana bread and the bar. In other words its pretty busy and crowded, but in a good way! They also have comfy beds, good wifi, a Photo Booth and light breakfast placed in a cute bag on your door in the morning. 



Tips from locals and friends

Local tips are the best, right? Therefore I asked three of my friends who live/have spent a lot of time in London! 

Frida @fridaohansen

Drunken Monkey has happy hour on drinks and dumplings from 5-9pm. Rough Trade is a cool record store with an ever cooler Photo Booth. Bun House in Soho is the place to go for buns and Chinese food. XU and Bao are restaurants for those who like taiwanese and japanese. Store Street Espresso has the best coffee, the best avocado toast, the best matcha latte and the best cookies! 


Mimmi @meandmimmi

I love Granger & Co, the perfect spot for lunch, try their hotcakes! If you want to go to the movie theatre check out Electric Cinema, and Bao for dinner. Stop by Sketch for a drink and Lemonia if you feel like having greek food! Hoi Polloi is another favorite of mine for a late lunch or early dinner, their graphic design is cool as well as their photo booth in the reception of the hotel. If you have time you should also check out the botanical garden Kew Gardens


Hannah @honeyohansen

Check out Wardor if you are a magazine lover like myself, and Unit if you want to stop by a tiny, but cool gallery! Tap Coffee is the place for a coffee and Ahipoke if you want takeaway poke bowl. Alex Eagle Studio is another favorite of mine, a super cool boutique filled with art, clothes and interior. I also love The Conran Shop in Marylebone, they have a cute coffee shop inside the store as well. And last but not leats, Barts for some very different but cool drinks.