1. If you usually end up taking photos with your iPhone why do you always keep bringing the DSLR, the Gopro and the polaroid camera with you? Do you like to carry stuff? 

2. Are you the type of person who packs five books and end up reading two chapters of only one book? And btw will you be using the guide book you bought two years ago?

3. You are packing for a tropical climate, lets say Bali but you bring six light jackets, in case of what? Its 40 degrees celsius, even a bikini is too hot! 

4. You are going on a two days trip to Paris, and you bring your work out clothes because you might swap watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle with a 45 minutes cardio? I dont think so. 

5. Why do you keep packing every product on your bathroom shelf? Like you suddenly would start to moisturise your elbows or take the deep cleansing facial you got for Christmas three years ago on a four days trip to Barcelona?

6. Why do you bring ten pair of socks with one pair of sneakers and one pair of sandals to Greece in July? 

7. You are going on a one week vacation on 5 star luxury hotel, and you bring seven types of bandaid like reading by the pool is an extreme sport and Italy doesn't have any pharmacy?