1. I would never promote any pills that are supposed to make you tan, skinny, beautiful or whatever. Let me put it this way: I would never dress down to a bikini in my bedroom, stand next to a white wall, hold a box of pills and smile to make you guys buy something that you can eat to make yourself  "tanner" so I can earn more money. 

2. I would never want to get sponsored fake eye lashes or nails and then give you guys a discount so we could all spend our money on things we dont need to look beautiful. 

3. I would never make a blog post title that has nothing to do with the post to gain clicks. 

4. I would never make a "What I eat in a day" kinda post, because 1: What I eat has nothing to do with you. 2: We are all totally different so what I eat will never make you full, skinny, less bloated, happier etc. 3: I would never want anyone to think that they can eat what I eat to look like me (dont worry I dont really think anyone would want to look like me anyway) 4: How much or how little you eat is very individual and I would never want anyone to measure their food or do adjustments based on my personal opinions or experiences. 

5. I would never post a selfie: sorry I dont know how to look pretty while taking a picture of myself, and I am more into visually beautiful images that tells a story rather than my own face. I know I would get thousands of more followers, but that doesn't matter. I could need a little "selfie course" tho. 

6. I would never stand in an uncomfortable and strange position in a photo to make my body look "on point" Come on guys, there is just nothing sexy about that.... 

7. I would never write about anything that I cant stand 100% for just because of the money. Its not very difficult to distinguish between what bloggers truly care about and what they feel obligated to write to pay their rent (their new bag).