1. Concentrate about one thing at a time, doing plenty of things at the same time, will make you feel efficient, but it might also make you less productive. 

2. Put away your phone. If its by your side you will be tempted to check it. Put it away for a while and do what you are supposed to do. 

3. Take breaks! Having a time out if you feel like you are stuck with something either an assignment, an email or other work related stuff. A break will make you think about something else and might make you see things from a different perspective which will make you more efficient when you get back to work. 

4. Eat well! If you skip meals or eat unhealthy you will eventually be less efficient and concentrated when needed. Keep healthy snacks within hand reach. 

5. Write lists! I love lists and they do make me more productive. Dont make the lists to overwhelming tho, if you want to get to the bottom of the list. Shorter lists will help you see the light in the end of the tunnel, which makes it easier to work harder. 

6. Keep your work space clean and organized. Clear the clutter from your work desk and make it easy to focus. Mess creates stress, we all know that. 

7. Reward yourself! Last but not least, definitely important. Tell yourself that if you get to the bottom of your to do list today, you will stop and buy sushi on your way home, make time to watch three episodes of your favorite serie or buy yourself something you have wanted for a long time.