1. The Liar - A person who tells lies or distorts truths is not the type of person you want to be close with. Being able to lie with no guilt says a lot about a person. They can be capable of doing other things as well.

2. The Selfish - Caring only for oneself, ones interests, benefits and ones well being will affect others. Some people are too selfish, so it doesn't cost them a damn thing to step on you, stay away from those people, they are toxic.

3. The Victim - People who always play a victim can be exhausting, they feel sorry for themselves and they don't take responsibility. They also have a tendency to control other peoples sympathy to gain compassion.

4. The Gossiper - There are a few people who actually enjoy gossip, mostly girls. I try to avoid those people who use gossip to make themselves feel better or to step on others.

5. The Envious - Some people are so envious that they are willing to do a lot to make others feel bad about themselves. People can be envious of different things, anything from success to personal life and looks.

6. The Judgemental - People who can make you feel bad about your thoughts, ideas or what you love and like. Judgemental people are great at taking your passions and make you feel terrible about them. Cut them out and be yourself!

7. The User - Would be a mix of the selfish, the envious and the victim. They are good at manipulating to get what they want without caring about hurting others. They often take advantage of the kind and sensitive people. Raise your hand if that happened to you, I am raising both!