1. Kombucha, because it helps my stomach ache and to maintain balance in my body. My favorite is the GTS Gingerade! If you dont know what Komcuha is or have never tried it, you definitely should consider buying it right away! (Especilly if you have stomach problems: ibs, allergies etc.)

2. Quinoa and brown rice sushi, I love the sushi from Whole Foods, especially with quinoa, brown rice and loads of avocado.

3. Lara bars, when I lived in New York I ate Lara bars daily, its a granola bar with very few and natural ingredients and it taste like the healthiest sweet ever. I love the peanuttbutter cookie dough, the cashew cookie and the peanuttbutter chocolate chip!

4. Coconut yoghurt from the brand So Delicious, its vegan and they have plenty of flavors. With out a doubt my favorite yoghurt ever! Try the blueberry and the vanilla!

5. Hummus! My favorite is the spicy red pepper hummus, yum yum yum!

6. Marys crackers, the one with black pepper is the best. Its gluten free, organic and only made of seeds and other clean nutrious ingredients. Its like a norwegian knekkebrød (crips bread). I always dip it in hummus and guac!

7. I also cant stay away from the hot and fresh buffé, I love the chana masala, the beet salad, the butternut squash soup, the lentil salad and the falafels.