Went straight to Cuba from Puerto Rico, didn't really know what to expect. Spent 10 days exploring this underdeveloped historical beauty. First couple of days was spent strolling the streets of Havanna before we headed out to spend a few days at the beach in Varadero. Jumped on a local bus to Trinidad and stayed there for a couple of nights with a very friendly Cuban family before we shared a taxi with some strangers back to Havanna. 



From Miami we decided to go to Panama next, spent two nights in Panama city exploring both the new and the old part of the city. Before we randomly chatted with a cool Russian guy who invited us to stay with him on his sailboat. Sounds sketchy right? Well it wasn't, we ended up having the time of our lives sailing around the insanely beautiful island of San Blas snorkelling with sharks, dolphins, sea turtles and sting rays. And decided to stay two more days with Captain Mike to explore more of the untouched paradise. 



We flew home from Nicaragua, picked up our luggage in Miami and spent a couple of weeks in Norway before we headed off on another adventure. This time finally back to our favourite tropical island or second home as you wish, Bali. Spent about two months exploring this island. Bali will forever be our favourite tropical home away from home. 



We decided to explore another country on our travel list and had a layover in Bangkok which randomly enough was at the exact same day that my Sri Lankan bff had a layover there, we grabbed a lunch with her before we jumped on a flight to Hanoi.



So I went on a very quick trip to Stockholm with Cornelia to celebrate Midsummer with Nelly and went home for a couple days before Mimmi, Tore, Nico and I drove to Copenhagen to spend a couple of days in this Scandinavian gem before we were off to dance our asses off at The Roskilde Festival. 



By just taking one step out of the ferry I knew Milos was my favourite greek island. I have been to a few over the years (Skiathos, Skopelos, Santorini, Crete, Karpathos, Rhodos, Kos, Parga, Lefkas among others). This quiet little greek beauty with plenty of deserted beaches found a place in my heart. I loved the chill and beachy vibe on this island and will definitely be back soon. If you haven't been here, you should consider going this year because its still untouched compared to other greek islands. 



So my brother decided to move to Barcelona this year, which Im obviously pretty stoked about. Who doesn't want another excuse to travel? We went on a family trip to Barcelona in the end of August to hunt for an apartment, eat tapas, have picnic at the beach and go vintage shopping. Already planning my next visit Enrique! 



In December I had to go to London for a doctors appointment, so my family decided to make it into a cosy Christmassy family trip and not just focus on the bad stuff. In despite of spending almost 7 hours in a clinic we manage to eat at Deliciously Ellas deli, go for a stroll in Notting Hill and go out for dinner. Ended up being a very lovely 24 hours in London. 



We ended our year of travels in New York, my favourite city of all. Been trying to get to the bottom of our to-do lists and making the apartment look slightly more like a home rather than an airport room for lost suitcases. Hope you like this city as much as I do, because there will be plenty of updates from here coming right at you! 


We kicked off the year by booking a one-way ticket to Puerto Rico from Oslo. Spent a week there road tripping around the island, drinking fresh coconut water, meeting new people, discovering jungle suspension bridges, staying in shabby airbnbs and watching the sunset whilst having dinner out of taco trucks. 



We were so happy when we finally arrived in Miami, I had been eating black beans and white rice for ten days straight and was craving everything within reach. First stop was obviously Whole Foods (heaven on earth)! We where suppose to head out the next morning for Jamaica, but my bf got sick, so we ended up spending almost two weeks with my family in Miami. 



I have always dreamt about visiting Nicaragua and 2017 was the year. Unfortunately we had a rough start with this exotic country when we stayed in an airbnb above the beach in San Juan Del Sur and discovered a tarantella in our bathroom in the middle of the night. Lets just say we got out of there quickly... In despite of that incident we fell in love with the country whilst staying at the chic and cute Tribal Hotel in the colourful city of Granada. 



We finally decided to explore another island of Indonesia as well and went to see more of Lombok rather than just the touristy but yet so wonderful Gili Islands. Spent a few days road tripping, hunting for waterfalls, fresh fruit and hiding from tropical rain storms. We will definitely have to go back to Lombok again to see more of this untouched sister of Bali. 



So we went to Vietnam for the first time which was very exciting, first stop was Hanoi, second stop Halong Bay, followed by HCM and our final stop which was Mui Ne exploring the secret desert of Vietnam. After Vietnam we headed back to Bali to spend a couple of weeks there before we flew back to Norway. As I already mentioned, we will never be ready to leave Bali. 



We booked a one-way ticket to Santorini in July, spent a couple of days in the white and blue towns of Santorini before we jumped on a ferry to Milos. Santorini is beyond crowded during the summer months so escaping to Milos was the best choice ever. 



We had a return ticket to Oslo from Crete so we took a ferry from Milos to Crete and spent two days there chilling at the beach, cooking pasta in our Airbnb and rented a scooter to explore more of this huge (and touristy) greek island. Crete definitely has some beautiful spots, but during high season its difficult to find somewhere just to enjoy by yourself. 




I was invited by Visit Britain to Liverpool and Manchester for work. Spent four days wandering around these two cities with two other bloggers and the sweetest Julie who made this trip unforgettable by letting us stay at the historical, beautiful and haunted Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, as well as making reservations at super cool and vegan/gf friendly places in both Manchester and Liverpool. 


Selvfølgelig har jeg gjort mye annet dette året også, som jeg ikke skriver om her på bloggen. Jeg er ganske privat av meg og liker egentlig ikke dele ting om meg selv, ironisk nok at jeg har en nettside som dette. Men derfor opprettet jeg denne siden  Daily Journal for et par måneder siden, som dere finner øverst til høyre i menyen på forsiden, hvor jeg skal prøve å dele flere bilder  og oppdateringer fra hverdagen min her i New York. Mens resten av vil fungere som det magasinet det har gjort før med tips, bildedagbøker, guider osv! Jeg håper dere finner denne siden både hjelpsom og inspirerende, og at dere kan få dere et lite avbrekk fra hverdagen ved å klikke dere inn her å drømme dere bort! 

Obviously have done a lot of other things this year as well that I dont write about here on my blog. Im usually a very private person and dont really like over sharing with people, ironically enough I created this website about my life haha. But a couple of months back I created the page called Daily Journal where Im trying to share less edited and more updates from my life here in New York. And the rest of will continue as always like a magazine consisting of city guides, travel tips, photo diares etc! I hope you find my site both helpful and inspiring and that you can use it as a little escape from reality when you need it the most.