1. The Handmaids Tale: You have to watch this serie, because it will blow you away! Ok, well thats my opinion. But please give it a chance with an open mind. You won't regret it!

2. Big Little Lies: Another serie I recommend! If you like the one above you will like this too, and the other way around.

3. Go to the movies: Fall is my favourite season to go to the movies. This fall I want to see Mother, Thelma, Hva vil folk si and The Snowman (Snømannen). Popcorn is mandatory btw!

4. Friendsgiving: Thanksgiving with friends, a night filled with food, drinks, laughter and your favourite people. If your friends dont arrange it, you should!

5. Make your favourite soup: Im a soup kind of person, and fall is the best season for soup! I prefer butternut squash, carrot and ginger or sweet potato soup! I will share another recipe with you soon!

6. Spend time in the nature: Go camping, go on a hike, go on a roadtrip or go to your cabin in the woods. Nature is showing off guys, we need to show appreciation for the extremely beautiful colour these days!

7. Read more: Im in the reading mood these days and recently bought a couple of new books! Make a cup of chai latte, turn of your mobile data and open a good book! Thank me later!