1. Wifi: No service, no connection. Wifi is tricky in Cuba, some places has it, but its rare and you will mostly have to go to a park, buy a card, scrape your password and you will get one hour of wifi, but only on a certain sites. Forget whatever routine you are used to and use your apps for social media.

2. Seat belts: In the old cars, seat bealts arent a priority, the driver has it of course, but not the passengers. And the traffic isnt the best so hold on!

3. Flexibility: By that I mean that they dont know how to cope with not doing what they always have done. They dont know how to be flexible and do things differently for once. For example I saw someone at a restaurant eating sweet potato so I asked if I could get a side of sweet potato. But no thats not possible you have to buy the whole plate of meat if you want sweet potato otherwise you cant have it. No way around it.

4. Vegan and gluten free products: Just forget it, you will not find any products that says gluten free or vegan. Here are clean food such as rice, beans, fruits and veggies your best options.

5. Local transportation that is on time. Calling for a taxi takes anything from ten minutes to about two hours. You just have to deal with it. It will show up when it will show up.

6. Someone who speaks fluently english (outside of the resorts). I didnt meet one person I could talk to properly without cofusing myself or them with spanish words.

7. You wont find any familiar brand or store while you are there. There is no such a thing as Mc Donalds, Starbucks, H&M etc. The only thing you might see is Coca Cola, Pepsi and Tabasco. But thats about it. And whatever that is imported is double the price of their local products.