1. Wake up early: Even though you might not be going anywhere, its very important to keep a certain routine.

2. Get dressed: This can be tricky if you feel like wearing a pyjamas because you know nobody is going to see you anyway. I recommend you to dress like someone is watching (wait, thats creepy), because you will automatically take yourself more seriously.

3. Have a place for work only: You might not have the biggest space at home, but what you should have is somewhere that is only for work. Not for sleeping, eating, cuddles, wine or whatever,

4. Dont let friends stop by: Even though you are at home, you cannot let someone interrupt your working hours because you are home. Take your working hours seriously and make playdates outside of those, same with doctors appointments etc.

5. Avoid the kitchen: Ok, this is the most difficult part. I feel like Im more by the fridge than by my computer, please tell me Im not the only one? Ok, so what to do? Bring a little tray of coffee, sparkling water, nuts and fruits to your table/desk and stay there!!!

6. When taking breaks: Taking breaks is as important at home as if you were working somewhere else, but remember to keep it at a minimum and go somewhere else during your breaks. Go for a walk outside, play with your dog outside, go for a swim (during summer ofc), go for a bike ride and buy a coffee on your way back. Just do something else.. outside!

7. One or two days a week: Mix up your work environment, I love taking my "office" to a cafe a couple of days a week. New surroundings makes me more focused and keeps me inspired. Make sure this is somewhere you might not bump into plenty of friends during the day, might not be very productive.