De fleste som har vært på tur med sin bedre halvdel vet vel innerst inne at interesse områdene kan være svært ulike og at man ofte ender opp med å kun tilfredsstille en av to. Misforstå meg rett. Dette er kanskje en veldig stereotypisk guide ettersom et forhold kan være så mangt. Gutteting og jenteting er noe vi kanskje prøver å utrydde i 2017, til tross for at det er beskrivende ord, Med andre ord er jeg like gira på å leie en motorsykkel som Nico, synes kanskje det er enda bedre med en kald Corona enn det han gjør og sier aldri nei til en skikkelig god (veggie) burger. Dette er en Bali guide fra min kjæreste til din.

We all know that different areas of interest can be tricky traveling with your better half. One will most likely end up satisfying one out of two, don't get me wrong. This is probably a very stereotypical guide for us to be in 2017. We might not want things to be categorized and divided in girl and boy sections. A relationship can be so much more, when that's said I believe I appreciate a cold Corona as much as Nico does and I might be the first one to order a burger when I get a chance, and telling him that renting a motorbike over a car is a good idea. After all this is just a Bali guide from my boyfriend to yours.


Sushimi: Sushi can be pricey, especially if you are over 1,80 m and actually wanna get full, but not in Bali. Thats why we have Sushimi in Seminyak. The perfect place on Friday nights when they have happy hour and every plate is 20K (12kr/2$). This starts at 5.30 pm and is definitely our favorite Friday spot! You better be showing up early, you are not the only one who know about this.

Bossman: Indonesia food is great, but after my tenth meal of Mie Goreng (Indonesian noodle dish) I kinda feel like having a burger. Bossman in Seminyak is the perfect place for burger and fries!

Earth Cafe: If you are into healthy and clean eating you will most likely google your way to Earth Cafe. I'm not a smoothie man and would never go here if it wasn't for Mally, but when that's said it somehow became one of my favorite spots in Seminyak. Their Nori Maki Roll is very tasty as well as their veggie burger and buckwheat noodles!

Revolver: Looking for the best coffee in Seminyak and a "bad boy" kinda breakfast? Head to Revolver Espresso in Seminyak! The atmosphere is like walking into a old shabby but cool bar with dark lighting and macho interior. I can recommend their avocado toast!

La Favela: The only "club" Ive ever been to in Bali. You will find it in one of the main streets in Seminyak.

Drifter: A surf shop that used to have a cool cafe as well. They have penny boards, long boards, skate boards, surf boards, hats, t-shirts, bathing suits etc!

Sharp Edge: Beard is cool and everything, but in the sun you will want to get a little tanner in your face. If you are in Seminyak and want a clean shave I can recommend Sharp Edge, you will get a clean shave for 90K (50kr/5$). Professional, comfortable and practical.

Mexicola: One of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Seminyak, a cool place to start a night out with friends. Head here for dinner and drinks and before you even know you will be right in the middle of a party!

Mad Pops: This is a vegan ice cream shop in the main street of Seminyak right next to the square, in other words not my cup of tea. But I actually tried when Mally wanted one, and I have to recommend the coffee flavored ice cream, it was like having an ice coffee!


Echo Beach: The perfect beach to surf and chill.

Sikkboy: One of the better and cheaper places to get a clean Shave for 70K in Canggu. The guys who run it are very friendly and cool.

Dirty Shanchez: Right by Echo beach there is another barber shop, where you can get a clean shave for 80K, very fast and professional.

Roti Canai: A cheap cafe with Indonesian street food not too far from the beach. I can recommend the Big Daddy Roti Wrap and the breakfast plate with egg, bacon, veggies and roti.

Custom bikes: I love motorbikes and honestly believe I'm born to ride a motorbike. If you are like me, you don't want to leave Bali without renting a customized motorbike here in Canggu. You will definitely get a better price if you rent for more than 3 days!

Old Mans: A beach bar and restaurant on Echo beach. Perfect spot to grab a beer after a surf and on the last Saturday every month they have a cool local market here at Old Mans.

The Lawn: Our favorite place in Canggu to grab a drink after a long day in the sun. The Lawn is a chill and laid-back beach club where you can lay in the sun by the pool during the day and go up on their terrace at sunset to have drink.

The Shady Shack: A cool vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Canggu, perfect place for breakfast or lunch. I can recommend their tempe burger, halloumi burger and their avocado toast. I would never find this myself, but I would definitely bring a group of friends back.

Avenue Fitness: A nice gym in Canggu. Not very cheap to be honest, like any other gym anywhere. About 500kr/60 $ for one month. But they have everything from classes to machines.



Taco Casa: The fast food kind of Mexican place in Bali, you can find Taco Casa on a few locations around the island! I can recommend the 8 layer burrito and the nachos grande regular. This is also one of the cheapest restaurants to drink Corona in Bali.

Tibumana waterfall: Waterfalls are must sees when in Bali, and you will find them in the jungle of Ubud. To avoid tourists I would recommend you to go to Tibumana waterfall in stead of Tegenunan waterfall, and go before sunrise so you can have a morning swim just by yourself.

Green Key: This cafe is owned by a Norwegian guy and its the perfect spot for a healthy lunch in the jungle! You should try to avocado toast with egg and the delicious poke bowl with tempe!

Ubud Market: You cant visit Ubud without taking a stroll through Ubud market. If you want to buy souvenirs or a straw basket for your girlfriend this is the place to visit!


Other things to keep in mind:

- Download the Uber app, its definitely the cheapest way of transportation, but you need to know that its illegal in Bali. And even though the drivers want to work for Uber they will get in loads of trouble if you are making it obvious that you are taking an Uber.

- If you want to buy Snus i Bali, which you most likely would want to especially if you are from Norway. Look for a sign with Balisnus or check out their Facebook group.

- The police will most likely stop you if they see you driving a motorbike or scooter, just put 50k in your hand shake and continue driving. Yes, its corrupt but that's how it is and you wont be able to change it on your way holiday in Bali. Go with the flow, they only stop tourists.

- If you stay in Canggu or Seminyak you should go on a day trip to Uluwatu, its only an hour drive away, but with Bali traffic you will most likely want to spend the day. Check out Suluban Beach, Sunday Beach Club and Single Fin.

- If you have a girlfriend like me who pays way more attention to animals than you, then you will end up in situations like we always do, we end up taking care of street dogs and other animals on our trips. There are too many street dogs in Bali, if you see something - say something. Check out these centers to help the animals of Bali. Visit BARC & BAWA.