1. Dont postpone things! DO IT IMMEDIATELY, the things we postpone are often something we don't bother doing, but something that we know we have to and need to do. If there is a meeting, a doctors appointment, a bill that has to be paid, anything, do it NOW! Get it out of your way!

2. Make short to-do lists, so you feel that you get to the bottom of your list everyday, I always make one for every day.

3. Buy yourself a new day planner, so you feel like you are starting from scratch and can make it neat and pretty!

4. Dont make overwhelming changes in your diet, its hard to go from wining and dining to green juice and oat meal. One step at a time, introduce healthy food and squeeze the unhealthy out, but don't stress about it. Make it natural.

5. Embrace the summer glow you got, don't wear too much make up, show of your tan, your healthy skin and your freckels.

6. Make a happy and motivating playlist that you will put on "first thing in the morning" and then prepare your coffee the night before. Thats how to make an early morning more pleasant, and dont forget scented candles!

7. Detox your surroundings, clean your house, your work desk, your laptop, your fridge, your closet or whatever. Give yourself the new, clean start you deserve!