Milos is a place for the adventurous and nature lovers, not for night club goers, those who are after fancy restaurants or people who preferably spends their day at Nikki beach. Its the perfect island for those who are looking for beautiful landscapes, those who want to explore on their own, and those who likes to jump from cliffs and snorkel in turquoise waters. Its also a place you should visit now, before everyone else finds out about this little greek gem.


Milos is a tiny island, a part of the Cyclades just like Ios, Santorini, Naxos and Paros. You can get to Milos in various ways, either flying to Santorini and take the ferry for about two hours, or you can fly to Athens and take a ferry from there as well. The best part about the Greek islands is that you can move around and explore on your own, one day there one day here. There are fast boats such as Sea Jet and slower local ferries like Zante ferries. The local ones are cheaper of course, but keep in mind that they don't run that often and that they might take a few more hours than it should. You can find the ferry routes here!


You won't be able to drive around the whole island, a part of Milos doesn't have roads and the roads there are, aren't necessarily great. Rent a motorbike or a squad bike for your road trips, pay attention to dirt roads and steep and slippery stones. The roads aren't made for high speed and wearing a helmet is cool!




If you are looking for local Greek homemade food and want to go where the Greeks go, then try Flisvos, the restaurant right by the port with blue uncomfortable chairs.

For breakfast we went to the local bakery in the port called Artemis Bakery, this is where you get the best iced frappe in town, and according to Nico the best chocolate croissants he has ever tasted, and trust me he knows what he is talking about. We can also recommend you to try the local cheese pie if you can, its very typical Milos and also very tasty! This bakery is the perfect place to buy whatever lunch you want and bring to the beach.

If you feel like treating yourself with something else than Greek food, check out Aktaion for the best quinoa salad! And their bruschetta looked flawless as well! A little pricey tho, I mean a portion of quinoa shouldn't be 14 euros, but it was good and it was worth it.

Trapatselis is another restaurant with nice sea views, perfect spot for dinner if you are craving Greek seafood, they are also very vegetarian friendly and serve traditional vegetarian food such as stuffed peppers and tomatoes and salads.

Aggeliki is the spot for waffles with Nutella and ice cream! They have vegan chocolate sorbet, so good! Ask for a teaspoon of nuts on top, so delicious!



Milos isn't big and there aren't many towns where you would want to stay. I would suggest either Pollonia or Adamantas, because I guess you prefer having a few restaurants to chose from every night and a supermarket close by. We stayed in Adamantas, its the town by the port where you will arrive with the ferry. Its the biggest one on the island and the one I would suggest you to stay in. Pollonia is about 15 minutes from here, its smaller but it right on the beach and has a few cafes and shops. We stayed at Milos Craft Studios an Airbnb apartment with the greatest hosts ever.


Most people obviously go between May and September. But the Greeks we got to know said that the best time to visit is actually during Easter. Because there are no tourists, the weather is great and Easter is apparently a big thing in Greece and means a lot to them. We visited in August and that was great, I do have to admit that it was a little too windy tho, so if you visit other months than August you will skip that part.


In despite of being such a small island, Milos has plenty of things to do and beaches to explore. I believe its 41 beaches which is a crazy amount for that little island. But hey, you might get one all to yourself! I suggest you rent a motorbike by the port. We rented from Smile and they were very helpful and if you rent for three days and more you will get a discount. Which is very nice, since the prices can be high during peak season.

Sarakiniko is the moon landscape you probably have seen on everyone's photos from Milos. Its beyond beautiful and definitely a must see! But I recommend you to go early in the morning. There will be other people there from 8 am already, so if you want to have it all to yourself go at sunrise!

Mandrakia is a tiny fishing village with a few boat houses and their fishing boats. Its iconic for Milos and you have probably seen the colourful doors on a photo or two. (photo underneath) We actually had a little picnic at one of the docks the other day and went swimming as well. The locals go there in the afternoon for night dip, very cosy.

Tsigrado is the beach I talked about where you have to climb down in a crack holding onto a rope. Sounds strange right? And a little bit dangerous? Not really, and its so worth it! You will be welcomed by the most crystal clear blue water, bring your goggles, there will be loads of fishies and cliffs to jump from. The view from the top is so beautiful. Be here early, it gets crowded! And btw this is not for elderly people or small kids. You should be able to climb down yourself, its difficult to help someone either way.

Papafragas is a must see, because its a tiny cave looking beach right by the road, but you wouldn't want to share this beach with other people, its so small.

Provatas is for families I would say, calm water, sandy beach, sun beds and a couple of tavernas. I believe there is a camping site near by as well.

Firiplaka is a long beach right next to Tsigrado, its more family friendly and much bigger and has a tavernas and showers and other facilities. You could do Tsigrado early in the morning and then move on to Firiplaka when Tsigrado gets too crowded.

Kleftiko can only be reach by boat. Caves, cliffs and white washed volcanic landscapes. There are boat trips from the port of Adamantas that will take you around for the day with lunch, snorkeling equipment etc. Milos is known for these cliffs and landscape, apparently its where the pirates used to hide.