1. The dreamer - We all need the dreamer in our life, because The Dreamer will inspire you without you even knowing it. Surrounding yourself with people who dream big, will inspire you to dream big yourself.

2. The doer - I dont like when people say things they want to do, but they never do it. Its important to surround yourself with the doers, the people who can make dreams and plans reality!

3. The listener - In every good friend, there is a listener. People who are not to busy talking about themselves all the time, but have time to listen to you and truly care about how you feel. They dont ask you how you are just to ask, they ask you because they want to know.

4. The supporter - Sharing your plans with someone can be scary, maybe you want to start a clothing line, a blog or you have another entrepreneur idea waiting for the spotlight. Sharing this for the first time - you obviously need some good vibes and you are looking for the supporter friend who sees opportunities and cheer for you!

5.The therapist - The person who feel comfortable sharing your deepest thoughts with, the one who doesn't judge you no matter what you say, think or might have done. A person you can trust and who knows you well.

6. The comedian - We all need a friend who can make us laugh no matter how sad and hopeless we feel. The one person who can make you laugh at yourself, who can turn every situation into a sarcastic event.

7. The energizer - We all have some people who give us more energy than others. And whoever fills you with that positive energy and light, keep that person in your life. Might be your mother, your sibling or your best friend, it doesn't matter, but you need that person.