Jeg har allerede lagt ut flere anbefalinger når det kommer til mat og spisesteder på Bali. Men jeg tenkte det kanskje var på tide og lage en helt egen glutenfri og vegansk guide til de som bryr seg om det! For plantebasert og glutenfri mat er ikke det enkleste å finne, men på Bali er livet mye bedre! Hvis du har vanskeligheter med å bestemme deg for hvilke restauranter du vil prøve ut, så anbefaler jeg deg å sjekke bildene deres på Instagram!

I already have a few posts with recommendations for eating in Bali and also a big Bali guide. But I thought it was about time to make a little separate one with focus on the gluten free and vegan places and options they have, since Bali is heaven for people with "special needs". If you have difficulties deciding where to eat among all these delicious places, I recommend you to take a look at their Instagram profile!



Manic Organic: Perfect for breakfast or lunch! They have a super yummy smoothie bowl with gluten free granola and a vegan Nasi Campur, which is definitely a must try when you are in Indonesia!

Shelter: Cosy breakfast spot on a little terrace in Seminyak overlooking the Seminyak neighborhood and

Shelter has plenty of gluten free and vegan options!

Nalu Bowls: Vegan smoothie bowls! Tasty but not the cheapest, a little bit hyped but at the same time a must try whilst in Bali. You will find Nalu Bowls underneath Shelter. Which means you can eat at Shelter and have a Nalu Bowl.

Earth Cafe: Everything on the menu is vegan & vegetarian with plenty of gluten free options. Burgers, noodles, nori maki, buckwheat pancakes, raw treats, smoothies, curries etc. One of my favs in Seminyak!

Cafe Organic: To be honest I kinda feel like Cafe Organic is a little hyped. I loved it at my frist visit, but it hasn't been that great since I got back. I might have been unlucky since they have quite an amount of customers all day everyday, and a very colourful plant based menu.

Mad Pops: Definitely the best vegan ice cream you will find in Bali. A tiny little shop in the busy shopping street of Seminyak. Their ice cream is coconut based and they have plenty of delicious flavours, such as coffee, caramel, rainbow, oreo (not GF), chocolate etc.

Gelato Secrets: Another great ice cream place where they also have both gelato and delicious vegan sorbet! I can recommend their coconut and the chocolate, especially together! Yum!

Nook: A few minutes outside Seminyak you will find this cosy place called Nook with a view overlooking the rice fields. Here they have a big colourful menu with delicious vegan and gluten free friendly food! Perfect for brunch!


Peloton Supershop: My absolute favorite vegan cafe in Canggu! Everything on the menu is vegan and they can also make everything gluten free! I can recommend the biker bowl, the meze plate, the gluten free avocado toast and their ice coffee with coconut milk!

Spicy Coconut: Another cafe in Canggu with a 100% vegan menu and almost everything on the menu can be made gluten free! I can recommend the chick pea burger, the avocado toast, the tacos (not GF) and also their dragon fruit smoothie bowl! Perfect start of the day!

Okay Bakery: Okas Bakery is a little bakery and cafe in Canggu where they have plenty of gluten free options (bread, cakes, pizza crust etc). And they can also make almost everything vegan! I can recommend their veggie burgers, the smoothie bowl, the fungi pizza, and the gluten free carrot cake. This is also the place if you want to buy a whole bread and bring it with you home! 32K, pretty cheap to be gluten free and its super good!

Cafe Vida: An organic breakfast and brunch restaurant in the heart of Canggu. They have plenty of gluten free and vegan options! They have coconut yogurt, smoothie bowls, salads, tacos etc.

Eden Cafe: A small family business in Canggu, where they serve nutritious food such as smoothies, salads, tacos, sandwiches, curries, smoothie bowls, wraps etc.

Rustica: One of the best gluten free pizzas in Bali! I always take the vegetarian pizza with gluten free crust and change the mozzarella with extra veggies such as onion, mushrooms and avocado! They also deliver for no extra cost! Thumbs up!

Barraca: Another yummy Italian place where they actually now serve vegan cheese as well! Here you can get gluten free pizza, pasta and gnocchi with vegan cheese! Such a delight for a plant based foodie!

Banana Flour: A 100 % gluten free bakery in Canggu, where they use banana flour instead of wheat flour! They have bread, cupcakes, pancakes, croissants and other pastries!

The Shady Shack: One of my favorite lunch spots in Canggu! Cosy and laid-back atmosphere, cute bohemian interior and a colourful and green menu with vegan/vegetarian food and plenty of gluten free options! I can recommend the tempe burger, the avocado toast and the fruit plate.



Taco Casa: Our favorite taco place in Ubud, right in the middle of the center. This must be the most busy restaurant in Ubud, never empty! They have delicious taco, nothing fancy, just what you want and need when you crave tacos. As a vegan and gluten free option I can recommend the Nachos Grande Regular (change the sour cream for refried beans and the cheese for extra guacamole).

Elephant Cafe: Delicious healthy food in sustainable manner, on the menu you can find anything from classic asian dishes - ramen, curries, noodles etc to smoothies, salads, pumpkin and ginger soup, granola and porridge.

Bali Buda: Bali Buda has healthy breakfasts: chia pudding yogurt, oatmeal etc. Raw and vegan spring rolls, gluten free muffin, quinoa, fresh fruits, roasted vegetables etc. Everything is vegan and gluten free friendly! Just ask!

Alchemy: Is a raw, vegan, organic cafe and bar where they serve anything from raw sushi, granola, raw cakes, cold pressed juices, smoothies, salads etc. Their sushi is great and so are their chocolate treats! Yum!

Clear Cafe: My go to place for Kombucha whilst in Ubud, because you can get a whole bottle (wine size) for just 50K, which is quite rare! Clear Cafe is all about eating clean and healthy and they have everything from tacos, smoothies, wraps and salads to Indonesian food and raw food!

Green Key: A new and fresh cafe in Ubud with focus on healthy eating. They have delicious poke bowls (both vegan and gluten free if you choose so), they also have breakfast food such as avocado toast and smoothie bowls and everything is focused on eating right to feel right!


Bali Eco Deli: On the island Nusa Lembongan you can find Bali Eco Deli where you will find healthy food and drinks that can be made gluten free and vegan! Their coffee and the curry is delicious!

The Deck: On the island Nusa Lembongan with the best volcanic view of Bali you will find The Deck, a bar and restaurant by the beach with amazing drinks and a colourful food menu. They have everything from smoothie bowls, kombucha and salads to pizzas, gluten free bread and smoothies. Ask for the options if you are vegan and gluten free!

The Banyan tree: My favorite cafe on Gili Trawangan, its a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan and gluten free options! I can recommend their roasted pumpkin soup and the goji berry bar!

Kayu cafe: Another vegan and gluten free friendly cafe on Gili T, here they have vegan ice cream, kombucha, salads, smoothie bowls, wraps etc!

Milk Espresso: A cafe, bar, store and spa in Kuta, on Lombok! Perfect spot for breakfast and brunch! Here they have smoothie bowls, sandwiches, burgers, pancakes, smoothies, milkshakes etc. Ask for the gluten free and vegan options!