1. Stay hydrated. The more you drink, they better you will feel. This could sound like wine, but I am actually talking about water right now.

2. Eat until you are full. No lie! If you only eat a little bit you will get hungry very soon and the chance of you craving something less healthy is bigger.

3. Get enough sleep. You should know how many hours your body need to rest at night. And make sure to respect that.

4. Be social, because we all need that postive energy and vibes our friends give us!

5. Eat your greens! Eating a colorful diet, which means a little bit of everything will keep your vitamin levels on track and you wont crave unhealthy things, feel shaky or get easily tired.

6. Spending time in nature. Going for an afternoon walk, get enough fresh air or in general spend time in nature it will help you calm down and focus on the right things.

7. Make a plan. Write things down and dont postpone everything. This will lower your stress levels and make your life seem more balanced.