1. Upgrade your fall wardrobe. This doesnt mean that you have to buy a lot of new and expensive stuff. You can borrow clothes from each other or go thrift shopping together!

2. Invite your girlfriends over for a book night. You all have probably read a book that you think someone else should read too, bring a couple of books, share your thoughts and borrow books from each other!

3. Arrange a Halloween party! Go all out, buy party supplies, carve a pumkin, dress up, decorate your place, cook together and dont forget to buy candy for the kids knocking on your door!

4. Go to the movies! Fall is definitely my favorite season to go to the movies! There are way to many films that I want to go see right now!

5. Go apple picking and make a delicious apple crumble pie! Yum!

6. Start early with your christmas present so you dont have to do everything last minute!

7. Go to a cafe with your bestie and enjoy a pumkin spiced latte!