1. Buy a new cool nail polish that will make your hands look fresh even when you get pale and dry! I would recommend dark red/burguny-ish!

2. Invest in some cosy, warm basic clothes that will help you dress when you feel like you dont want to because your freaking cold.

3. Buy yourself a couple of books that you can crawl up in your couch with at night with.

4. Take a bath every night, lit your scented candles, take a facial, a body scrub and listen to a new podcast.

5. Try hot yoga! Feels so good for both your body and your mind, especially during winter!

6. Book a weekend trip to a sunnier destination at a time you know you will need it the most! Probably around January/February...

7. Allow yourself a hot chocolate and a pastry for lunch at work if you are having rough day! You need it and you deserve it!