1. Does he/she have Netflix? Or whats his/her favorite magazine or sports club? A membership giftcard is definitely something we all need!

2. We all have a certain topic we are more passionate about than others, for example animal rights or the right to education for women. Donate his/her "birthday money" to a good cause, because we all would like that right?

3. Tickets are the most creative and fun presents to get! A festival pass, a concert ticket, a ticket to see a great movie or what about a cheap flight ticket? Use your creativity!

4. What does the person like to do? Maybe you could climb a mountain together, learn how to make sushi professionally, go wine tasting or what about taking a class in calligraphy? The list goes on!

5. If you have the opportunity invite your friend to spa, book a whole day with a massage, lunch and some quality time by the pool ! If not make your own spa at home!  Who doesnt like candles, facials and champagne in the bathtub?

6. Make a scrapbook with all your favorite memories together! Write down things that you have experience together, get his/her friends to join and collect memories, cute notes and photos!

7. Arrange a surprise party! A party is definitely an amazing present! Gather his/her group of people, make a playlist with his/her favorite songs, make delicious food and funny games to play and dont forget to party all night!