1. Learn to say no! If you dont have time or you dont want to, learn to respect yourself and say no! You dont always need an explanation.

2. Book a new class! Maybe you want to start doing yoga? Or learn how to decorate cupcakes? Do it, book a class alone and see what happens!

3. Start saving money for an upcoming project that you have always dreamed of doing!

4. Go to a restaurant by yourself! I know many people dont like this, but its all about stepping out of your comfort zone, you might actually really enjoy it!

5. Take chances! Even if it seems scary in the beginning, taking risks can actually pay off! And if you never try you will never know!

6. Being financially independent will make you feel better about yourself. Being free from relying on others support will boost your mood and make you work harder for what you want!

7. Make decisions alone! Its nice to get help from others, but always relying on other peoples thoughts and feedback wont make you independent. Try to make decisions all by yourself!