I have collected some of my favorite spots and things to do in the different cities that I visited in Croatia this summer. Im definitely not an expert, but I figured its better to share a few tips than none, am I right? Here we go! 


Bepa: Narodni trg 1, 21000, Split, Kroatia
Typical breakfast spot, they serve avocado toast, eggs, juice, salads etc!

Mama burger bar: Trg Braće Radić 5, 21000, Split, Kroatia
Pancakes and lemonade for breakfast or burger and fries for lunch? They have it!

Totos burger: 6, Trg Republike 1, 21000, Split, Kroatia
The perfect lunch spot if you are out and about around the riva. Totos burger obviously has tasty burgers and fries, but also raw, vegan and gluten free cakes, smoothies and zucchini noodles! Yum!

Figa food bar: Ul. Andrije Buvine 1, 21000, Split, Kroatia
A cute restaurant and bar where you can sit in the middle of the narrow streets. Perfect place to eat dinner and have a drink in one of the cosiest parts of the old town.

Konoba Marjan: 21000, Split, Kroatia
Looking for a typical croatian meal? Reserve a table at Konoba Marjan, they have delicious seafood, nice atmosphere and super friendly staff!

Kokolo: Trg Braće Radić 15, 21000, Split, Kroatia.
The perfect smoothie bar on a tiny square in the old town of Split. Grab a juice, a smoothie or a chia pudding during the day and stop for a fresh mojito at sunset.

La Bodega: Dosud ul 3, 21000, Split, Kroatia
Looking for a cool place to drink a glass of wine in the old town of Split? Try La Bodega! 

Krka National Park: Lozovac, Kroatia
A perfect day trip from Split is definitely visiting Krka National Park. You can rent a car, its an one hour drive, or you can jump on a bus with the rest of the tourists. I recommend you to go by yourself as early in the morning as possible and get the first boat out to the park! You will thank me, it gets super crowded. 

Kasuni: Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 47, 21000, Split, Kroatia
Looking for a beach or a place to swim near the old town of Split? Take a taxi/uber to Kasuni beach and take the boat back to town at the end of the day. Looking for a less crowded place to spend the day? Walk towards Kasuni beach (from the riva) and find your own little cliff were you can cliff dive and enjoy the sun! Remember to bring loads of water and some snacks! (You might not be able to buy it there).

Hvar: If you have time you should definitely take a ferry from Split to Hvar to spend the day! It takes approximately one hour and you should book tickets one day in advance. Especially if you are planning on a round-trip the same day!


Nishta: Prijeko bb, 20000, Dubrovnik, Kroatia
The only vegan restaurant in Dubrovnik! You have to reserve a table one day in advance! Try their falafel, its super delicious!

Cable car: Looking for a place to take the perfect panorama picture of Dubrovnik or just a different sunset view? Take the cable car up to the top of the city!

Lokrum: Take a ferry from the pier in the old town and spend the day exploring the island of Lokrum. Visit the Dead Sea, feed the peacocks, go cliff diving and enjoy the caves and the view of Dubrovnik from the seaside.

City wall: Take a walk around the old town of Dubrovnik, perfect way to explore the city! I also have to mention that you can do a Game of Thrones tour around the city if you are into that kind of things.

Buza bar: Crijevićeva ul. 9, 20000, Dubrovnik, Kroatia
A cool place to watch the sunset with old funky music in the background, while enjoying a glass of wine! Here you can also watch people cliff dive or do it yourself if you are crazy enough! I suggest you jump first and then drink your wine!

Bona Fide: Čubranovićeva ul. 8, 20000, Dubrovnik, Kroatia
A mexican and italian restaurant with delicious food and gluten free pasta! Enjoy!

Old town market: You should also visit the old town market early in the morning. You will find plenty of fresh fruit and greens. Perfect place to do your grocery shopping if you are renting an airbnb or filling up your beach bag for lunch!


To get to Hvar, take a ferry from the pier in Split. A little tip is to buy the ticket one day in advance so you know there is room for you the day you are planning on going. I would also recommend to buy a round-trip ticket if you are planning on just staying the day because the ferries get quickly filled up! And you might have to stay in Hvar for the night!

In the port in Hvar you can rent tiny boats for a day or two that will make it easier to explore the small exotic islands right outside of Hvar.

If you dont know how to or dont want to be in charge of your own boat, then jump on one of the smaller ferries and go island hopping!

Green house: Kroz Burak 27, Hvar, Kroatia 21450
This is a small shop right by the port in Hvar where you can buy healthy, vegan & gluten free snacks and hand made eco products.

Palmizana: A charming little island right outside of Hvar. Cross the island and visit the beach club and go swimming in the lagoon on the other side of the island.

 Other tips...

  •  Uber is much cheaper than a taxi, we are talking about half prize!

  • Dm is a supermarket that has allergy friendly products such as gluten free pasta, granola bars, cereal, soy milk, organic and vegan things.
  • If you are planning to visit these cities I would definitely recommend you to stay in the old town! This is were you get the real experience of living here and getting the most out of your stay. Try airbnb!
  • Going on a boat trip in Croatia is a must. Take a ferry, rent a boat or go island hopping. The ocean here is crystal blue! Bring your underwater camera!
  • The coastline of Croatia has plenty of lagoons and caves. You can explore them yourself if you rent a boat or you can book a trip with an agency. You will find them in the small stalls all over the riva.
  • Seaplane is a really common way of transportation in Croatia. If you want you can take it from island to island, city to city.
  • Food wise I would recommend risotto, not just because that was the only thing I could eat, but the croatian kitchen really knows how to make a tasty and delicious risotto. The pizza and the gelato is also almost as good as italian!