1. Babysit! We have all had one! Its a cosy and easy way to earn some extra money!

2. Use your talent! Maybe you know someone who is getting married or throwing a big party and need someone to sing/entertain or be the photographer for the night? Be creative you might be able to use your hidden talent to make some extra money.

3. If you are going away for the summer rent out your house or your room!

4. Sell your things! We all have plenty of stuff we dont need. Do a summer cleaning in your house and sell it online or what about a garage sale with friends?

5. Ask someone you know who is having a party if they need help! Maybe you could be the waiter, the driver, the bartender or the cook for the night?

6. You probably know someone who needs help with their lawn, grocery shopping, taking care of their plants or maybe walk their dog?

7. During summertime there will always be these jobs you can have for a week or two. Selling ice cream, help out at festivals, taking care of animals while their owners are on vacation, work in summer camps etc. Think about it, be creative!