1. Keep your tongue out while cutting onion, it well keep your eyes from running.

2. Squeeze a lot of lime or lemon on your guac left overs, it will keep it green until next meal.

3. Rinse your quinoa before boiling it, much easier to digest! Same with beans and chickpeas!

4. Gluten free options are almost NEVER healthier than non-gluten free options. Take bread for example: gluten free bread is not healthier than a regular multi grain bread.

5. Lactose is the sugar in "milk", if you are milk intollerant, you can have lactose free products, if you have milk allergy you cannot have any products even if it says "lactose free", because you are also allergic to the milk protein!

6. You are not supposed to wash mushrooms in water, you are supposed to clean them with your fingers?

7. For egg replacement you can use chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of chia seed needs 3 tablespoons of water. (It of course depends on what you are making)!