1. Avocado: On pizza, in sushi, in salads, on toast, in smoothies, in mexican food, as a base when you make chocolate or chocolate mousse. (My favorite: Guac)

2. Apple: In pies, in smoothies, in salads, with cheese and crackers, in cakes and muffins. (My favorite: Apple pie)

3. Strawberries: In salads, in oatmeal, in smoothies, in sushi, on pasta, in cakes and desserts. (My favorite: as a spread on homemade bread or waffles)

4. Mango: In sushi, in salads, in thai curries, on tacos as a salsa, in smoothies and desserts.(My favorite: on tacos as a salsa)

5. Pomegranate: In quinoa bowls, in salads, in oatmeal, in granola, as a spread on bread, in desserts and drinks. (My favorite: In quinoa bowls)

6. Pinapple: On pizza, in thai curries, in fried rice, on tacos as a salsa, in smoothies, cakes and drinks. (In pinapple fried rice)

7. Watermelon: In salads especially with feta cheese, in smoothies and as a juice. (My favorite: just by it self, it tastes like summer)