1. Buy a to-go cup and make coffee on-the-go at home. Even though one cup from a coffe shop seems cheap it will add up if this becomes your daily ritual.

2. If you have a busy schedule and never get the time to work out at the gym you still have a membership with this is definitely a waste of money. Especially if its summer and you can work out outside!

3. Dont go to the grocery store when you are hungry and do the grocery shopping once a week. Going to the grocery when you are hungry or every day for that matter will make you think you need more food than you actually need. And you will also make bad desicions it terms of quantity.

4. Partying isnt free, its not only the drinks, but also the taxi ride and the midnight meal. Going out every weekend will cost you more than you think. Try to go out every other weekend in stead, or invite your friends over and have a house party. 

5. Having loads of stuff you dont need is like having money you could spend on trips you really want without knowing it. Selling an old camera, a jacket you dont use anymore or vintage books can suddenly result in a flight ticket somewhere exotic.

6. Planning a trip with someone will make it easier for you to start saving. Putting money aside isnt always easy if you dont want to miss out on things. Doing this together with a friend is motivating, and remember that you dont have to save huge amounts every week/month.

7. If you have the opportunity to work a lot in a certain period, like over the summer it will make it easier for you to save up more money. Seasonal work, like tourism for example is a an area that needs loads of workers at a certain time of year. I prefer working intensively for a short period before I am traveling somwhere, this motivates me to work hard because I see the light in the end of the tunnel and I can therefore easily take an extra hour or two for someone else.