1. Invite your friends and family over for thanksgiving. No presents, just food and good company! One of my newly adapted favorite holidays!

2. Go on a weekend trip somwhere there is nature. Spend time in the wild nature, camping, roadtrips, hikes or skiing!

3. Make soup! November is one of my favorite months for soup! Make a homemade sweet potato, butternut squash or carrot ginger soup, yum!

4. Redecorate your home, its time to take out warmer and fluffier pillows and blankets, buy scented candles and slowly start decorating for christmas.

5. Update your playlists! When the season change, so does my mood. Taking some time updating your playlists can affect your mood to the better.

6. Prepare an advents calendar for someone special. It doesnt have to be expensive, it can be filled with candy, cute notes, flowers, drawings, good ideas etc!

7. Start buying christmas presents, because who wants to stress with it when christmas finally is here and all we really want to do is to enjoy!