1. Always bring your sun glasses in case you want to sleep and dont have or get a sleeping mask on board. I prefer wearing sunglasses on an airplane if I am trying to sleep. So people dont know if I am sleeping or not. 

2. If you want to wear your sweat pants or another cozy less flattering outfit, I suggest you take a long comfy coat over it and a scarf so you can layer up and still look representable. 

3. Always bring an extra pair of socks. Its always cold on airplanes and if you want to sleep you dont want to be freezing. I love those super fluffy big socks. 

4. A carry on suitcase is your best friend if you have loads of heavy stuff to bring with you as hand luggage, it also help you from looking like you are drowning in your own stuff. If you are afraid of overweight bring a bag within your bag so you can re-pack your stuff if you need to! 

5. Always wear shoes that is easy to take on and off, since you will be going through security and also probably take off your shoes on the plane. And if your feet get a little swollen when flying remember to bring something that you will fit into anyway. 

6. I never wear make up when I travel and I always bring some refreshers with me. Such as lip balm, hand cream, face mist spray etc. Pack your little kit and bring it with you on the plane. 

7. Noise cancelling headphones and a neck pillow will also help you get through your flight in a more comfortable way. You will with no doubt feel much more comfortable and ready to explore when you get there.