1. Dont have a lot of unhealthy snacks laying around in your house. The more you have the more you will eat. Do yourself a favor and stick to the healthy snacking during week days. 

2. Wash your face, remove your make-up and brush your teeth before its too late, so you dont get too tired to do any of the above. 

3. Always have healthy snacks in your purse, such as nuts, protein bars etc. When the hunger kicks in you are more unlikely to eat something you will regret later on. 

4. Plan your meals and dont go grocery shopping when you are hungry. By planning your meals you will buy less and be able to eat everything. Going to the store every day will cost you more than having one day were you buy food for the whole week.

5. Having a lot of technical equipment in your house causes chaos. I bet we all have a bunch of wires we dont know whats for anymore. When you buy something new, mark it with a piece of tape and write what its for. You will thank yourself later. 

6. If you are a day planner addict like myself. Mark your different appointments in different colors. For example work out classes in pink, meetings in red, dates with friends in blue etc.  

7. Use nail polish to decorate your keys to make it easier to identify them.