1. Buy yourself a new day planner, because starting of a new year with an old one isn't how its supposed to be! Buy yourself a new one, pimp it up, make it personal and get ready for a new year.

2. Set goals and make a plan! Is what you are doing today helping you getting closer to where you want to be next year? Think about it, what could you do differently?

3. Do something you have never done before! Maybe you promised yourself to do something this year before its too late? Well its still 2016, go do it so you can keep what you promised yourself. It will make you feel better and also make you want to write new things on your list for next year.

4. Go somewhere you have never been before, a place you have always wanted visit. It could be anything from a new local cafe or a new city close to where you are from, to a new friends house or the Bahamas.

5. Throw a great party with good friends. We are all busy, but its important to gather the group now and then to celebrate the friendship and make new good memories. Bring your camera!

6. Make a new bucket list or update your old one, because I believe that it is important to have things you want to do in your mind to keep you inspired and focused.

7. Remember to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve like it should be spent. With good company, great food, funky music and good vibes.