1. If possible let go of any loose travel paper documents and use apps. This is not only super convenient but also great for the environment.

2. Use Uber instead of taxis if they exist where you are traveling to. Much cheaper and easier payment method.

3. Traveling together with another person? If the flight isnt full, book the aisle and window seats instead of next to each other, you might get lucky.

4. Pretend you always know where you are going when you are walking out of the arrival hall, so you dont get fooled by the most expensive ride.

5. Never underestimate what you can fit in a hand luggage. Planning to shop? Save money by buying luggage only one way. Bring a soft bag you can squeeze in your hand luggage and send on your way back home.

6. Always have a pen with you, you never know when there is something you have to write down, show people, fill out and so on.

7. Leaving your destination with a bunch of loose change isnt necessary, collect it and give it to the homeless people you meet on your way.