1. First of all dont look at your own profile too much, you start thinking about the combinations of pictures and tell yourself that they dont fit together. And the truth is, nobody else pays attentions to your profile like you do. Dont analyze it!

2. Do your own thing! Find your own style and post the pictures you like, regardless of what other people post and like. Dont compare yourself to others, then you will end up not posting anything at all.

3. Find your theme and stick to it. In other words, stick to the same style/filter in your photos, this will make your profile look more stylish and proffesional.

4. Dont think about the likes, think about what YOU like. Dont just post photos that you know will get attention, like selfies if what you really want to post is a picture of a flower. Post the photos you think look nice and that you would like have as a representation of yourself.

5. Dont over edit your photos. I suggest you first adjust the light and the contrast before you decide which filter you want. You might figure out that you dont need a filter at all.

6. Use relevant hashtags. Dont throw on a bunch of random hashtags that doesnt suit your picture. Find a few that matches the picture so other people that are interested can find what they are looking for and you can connect.

7. If you like planning your Instagram posts the app called UNUM might be your thing! Check it out if you are obsessed with the combination of your pictures.