The Moroccan cuisine is surprisingly delicious! A lot of vegetables, nuts, couscous and spices! If you prefer meat, lamb is the main thing here. Everything is very sugary and oily, which is probably why it tastes so good. They even put sugar on their fruit salad, which I think is pointless when you have fresh fruit outside the doorstep.

A cool place for a modern Moroccan menu with an international twist. You can enjoy a Vegetable Tagine or a lamb burger with a view over the Spice square. While you are waiting for your order you will be treated with spicy popcorn and chickpeas, yum! Great place with delicious food and funky interior.

A cute little cafe that serves tasty Moroccan food! Henna Cafe is run by a wonderful lady and they have a lot of yummy things to choose from. Lentil salad, fruit juices, hummus, falafel, salads and their own tea menu. They are soon starting with 100% vegan food too, which is very exciting! I have seen the menu and it looks amazing! The other cool about this cafe is that they can do henna on you while you are enjoying your meal. Isn't that just a dream? They have a lot of drawings to choose from and the lady who does it is very talented! Definitely a place you need to stop by! 

Looking for a more exclusive restaurant with delicious moroccan food and beautiful surroundings, well Maison Arabe is the place! If you want to celebrate something special or are looking for an authentic oasis with a romantic and classy vibe this is your restaurant. Its a little bit more expensive than other restaurants, but lets be honest, the prices are still the same as any regular meal would cost at a restaurant anywhere in Norway. 

Go for breakfast, an ice cold mint lemonade in the heat or just have a cup of tea on their terrace over looking the Spice square! A cosy, laid-back, three floor cafe with great coffee, delicious snacks and drinks! Perfect pit stop for fuel while wandering around the souk. 

Located in a garden filled with tables, turtles and birds. The atmosphere is like a jungle, but you can also escape to the comfy mattress based terrace and have your meal served there. Le Jardin has everything from a typical cheeseburger with fries, to avocado smoothies and moroccan spicy pastries filled with vegetables.This is definitely the place to seek shade if it gets to hot walking around in the medina. 

A huge terrace in the middle of the souk where you can watch the sunset with a beautiful view of the Atlas mountains. Terrasses Des Epices has both a morrocan and an international menu to choose from, and this is definitely the place for a funky and relaxing afternoon in the sun! If you are traveling with a big group this is the perfect place to go, their terrace is huge!


There are plenty of things to see and do in this city. It all depends on how long you are staying and what area of interest you have. But do not leave Marrakech without checking these sights of your list!

An old beautiful palace with plenty of hallways, rooms, gardens and corridors. The palace is so beautifully decorated that you can wander around for hours staring at the detailed ceilings, fountains and mosaics covered walls.

A botanical garden right outside the medina, made by Jacques Majorelle and taken care of by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner. A fantastic colorful garden filled with exotic plants, colorful benches, fountains, museums and a charming garden cafe.

Located in the middle of the medina, Ben Youssef Medersa, used to be a islamic college and is still the biggest medersa in Morocco. A big and beautiful building in the middle of the souk covered in mosaics, carvings and secret hallways.

A small square right in the middle of the souk. A nice place to hang around and do your shopping after lunching at Nomad. Here you can find everything: fabrics, jewelry, spices, postcards, soap, turtles, oils, tableware and traditional morrocan clothing. The market is surrounded by tiny streets that will lead you to other parts of the souk.

A huge square where you can find everything you need from fruit stands, henna tattooist, restaurants and shops. I will recommend you to look for a rooftop restaurant where you can watch the sunset while having dinner. Around 7pm the Jamaa El Fna will be filled with people and its a great place for people watching and also experiencing the culture from a distance.

Getting around in the souk is easier than one might think! Grab a map from the riad/hotel your staying at and mark your spots to find your way back later or download an offline map on your smart phone. The souk consists of a crazy amount of tiny streets that all look the same. You can wander for hours without passing the same shop twice, or at least that is what you will think, because you will not be able to recognize it. The souk is the best place for shopping and for blending in with the locals.


If you are going to Marrakech I would definitely recommend you to stay in a riad instead of a hotel. There are plenty of riads throughout the souk in all price rangers and styles. A riad is atypical moroccan house with only one door leading out to the street. Its like living in a little private palace with a tiny yard often consisting of a pool, a garden and a lot of colorful pillows where tea will be served continuously. 

One of the most beautiful riads in Marrakech, especially when it comes to interior.  A colorful and laid-back oasis in the middle of the souk. El Fenn is big, relaxing with a trendy rooftop and three pools. A very inspiring place to stay and to experience the best of Marrakech.


Another beautiful riad a little bit further from the centre of the medina. This riad is run by a very nice french couple who will do anything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They have a amazing courtyard with a chill lounge and wonderful pool and also very delicious breakfast that you can enjoy at the rooftop!


A very well decorated and chic riad that with a wonderful rooftop in beautiful colors. Perfect place for an afternoon tea or a vegen moroccan meal.


A cheap place to stay with great location and wonderful staff. The boys who run this place were so friendly and helpful. Its a short walk from Jemaa El Fna, but can be a little bit difficult to find.

A chic and minimalistic riad in the heart of the Medina. The most friendly and helpful staff you can imagine. Such a peaceful and relaxing place to head back to after a day in the souk. Good price, perfect location and beautiful interior.

Other things worth checking out:
Royal Mansour, Bo Zin, La Mamounia, Museum de Marrakech, Le Comptoir Darna, Al Fassia.

Want to know more about Marrakech, check out this post! And one more thing, I know seeing monkeys, snakes, birds, donkeys, camels etc. for the very first time can be exciting and make you want to watch or join whats going on, please dont support people taking advantage/mistreating animals, you know better. Thank you!