Marlene Bræin Sæthre

Storyteller ✧ travel junkie ✧ digital nomad ✧ filmmaker ✧ visual diary keeper ✧ photographer ✧artist ✧writer✧creative


This website is a a portofolio, creative journal and personal travel guide curated by Marlene Sæthre. Also the editor in chief of 

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Instagram: @mallyandthemoon & @placesbymally




What education do you have? 
BFA in Film Production

Where are you from and where do you live? 
From Oslo, Norway and currently based in New York. 

What camera do you shoot with? 
Digital: Sony & Analog: Leica

How do you edit your photos? 
The digital photos I edit in Lightroom, Ive created my own presets for that. When I shoot analog I don't edit them at all, I rather put more effort into the actual moment of shooting to capture what I desire.